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Dyna-Gro S43XS70 Xtend Soybeans


Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and STS® release features improved agronomics

Provides resistance for Stem Canker and is an Excluder for chloride salts

Very good tolerance scores for Sudden Death Syndrome and Frogeye Leaf Spot

Medium-tall plant height with moderate branching canopy and very good standability

Excellent performance across Kansas

Dyna-Gro PearlMil – Hybrid Pearl Millet


Summer Annual

Excellent sugarcane aphid tolerance

Large canopy provides rapid ground shading to help restrict moisture loss

Produces on marginal soils- sandy or acidic, tolerance of iron deficiency or high ph soil

Excellent seedling vigor with high tillering capability

High leaf to stem ratio with high protein content

Small diameter, smooth stems and smooth leaves

Dwarf or “bushy” plant stature

German Strain R Millet


German Strain R Millet, also called foxtail millet, is an annual warm-season grass that matures rather quickly during the summer. German millet forms slender, erect, and leafy stems that can vary in height from 2 to 5 feet with cylindrical, compact heads. The spines of the heads are usually reddish-purple in the early stage, but more straw-colored at maturity. This variety has good seedling vigor, is resistant to lodging, and is quite drought tolerant. The seed can be planted when the soil is warm, from mid-May through August at a rate of 15 to 20 lb/acre.

Apache BMR Hybrid Pearl Millet


This Apache BMR hybrid pearl millet has a high level of palatability, which makes it an excellent choice for grazing and well suited for hay. It is a late maturing hybrid with panicle emergence at about 30 days later than other pearl millets. The longer harvest window allows the producer to maintain quality while waiting for greater yield than conventional pearl millets.

LCS Bar Triticale


Medium height with excellent standability

Excellent tolerance to stripe, leaf and stem rust

Good leaf-to-stem ratio

Very good forage and grain yield

SY TF813 Triticale


SY TF813 Triticale is a replacement for the popular AP 348.  It is a superior forage for grazing, silage, hay, or as a cover crop. It is a medium height, medium maturity triticale, that is versatile, awnletted, rust tolerant, and has good winterhardiness and excellent quality.

PVPA Status: Protected, must be sold only as a class of certified seed.

We buy all of our rye and triticale from other sources, already processed and bagged.

Food Wheat Berries- Hard Red Winter


We offer high grade hard red winter FOOD WHEAT BERRIES.  It has excellent milling and baking quality.

Hard red wheat will make an ideal flour for baking breads and is a good all-purpose flour as well.

The price is $16.75/ per 50 lb bag. Call us for a shipping quote.

VNS Cereal Rye


Rye is the hardiest of the cereal crops and grows more quickly and provides more forage than either wheat or triticale. Cereal rye can persist in the soil for several years. It has an extensive root system. We supply a VNS (Variety Not Stated) rye as a service to our customers.

We buy all of our rye and triticale from other sources, already processed and bagged.