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WL 341HVX.RR gives growers tremendous value of flexibility in choosing to maximize unmatched fiber digestibility, or accumulate greater yield potential by delaying cutting frequency, without sacrificing feed quality

• Lignin (ADL %, acid detergent lignin) content of at least 15% less than competitive check varieties on average gives WL 341HVX.RR at least a 15% greater RFQ (relative forage quality) and NDFD (neutral detergent fiber digestibility) than competitive check varieties

• Superb yield potential and agronomic characteristics under 3-cut system if extending cutting frequency, or under 4- to 5-cut systems to maximize feed value

• Perfect Disease Resistance Index (30/30) and very winterhardy, (2.1), delivering long stand life under tough growing conditions

• WL 341HVX.RR is stacked with Roundup Ready® Technology for exceptional broad spectrum weed control and crop safety to maximize seedling survival at establishment and provide a useful tool on established stands

• Well-adapted for Midwest, Northeast, Central and Northern Plains, as well as Intermountain Regions and Northwestern U.S.; ideally-suited for on-farm dairy, beef or cash hay producers

• Expect fast recovery for frequent harvest schedules under intense management • Quick stand establishment with WL 341HVX.RR that comes fullyloaded with W-L’s The Gold Treatment® PLUS seed coatin treatment containing Stamina® fungicide




• WL 301HVX.RR Brand Alfalfa is an exciting new product coming out the spring of 2016.  This alfalfa gives growers the ability to better manage their hay by offering more flexibility in cutting schedule.  It has the potential to achieve improved forage quality and yield potential, when compared to conventional alfalfa at the same stage of maturity.

• WL 301HVX.RR Brand Alfalfa averages 12-15% less lignin than conventional alfalfa.  At the same time, it offers 12-15% higher neutral detergent fiber digestibility (NDFd) and relative forage quality (RFQ) than conventional alfalfa harvested at the same stage of maturity.

• WL 301HVX.RR Brand Alfalfa is stacked with Roundup Ready® Technology.  This provides unsurpassed weed control, in both new and older fields, and excellent crop safety and quality.  It gives very high yield potential and agronomic characteristics as well. Under a 3-cut system it enables extending cutting frequency and maintaining forage quality.  Under a 4- to 5-cut system it makes it possible to maximize fiber digestibility levels.

•WL 301HVX.RR has a  perfect Disease Resistance Index (30/30) and a very good winterhardiness rating (2.0).  It delivers long stand life under difficult growing conditions.  This alfalfa is well adapted for the Midwest, Northeast and Eastern Plains of the U.S. (approved planted areas for 2016).  It is ideally suited for on-farm dairy, beef or cash hay producers.  It also has fast recovery in frequent harvest schedules under intense management.




WL 372HQ.RR combines exceptional yield potential, broad adaptation, and superior feed value.  It is very winterhardy and has an excellent disease package, including high resistance to stem nematode. WL 372HQ.RR is a FD5 alfalfa that maximizes profitability under intensive management. This fine stemmed, leafy, top quality variety utilizes the breakthrough benefits of the Roundup Ready® weed control system.



WL 356HQ.RR continues the long line of “HQ” alfalfas with the ability to hold forage quality in delayed harvests. This variety has the highest Aphanomyces Root Rot Race 1 & 2 Resistance in a Genuity® Roundup Ready® alfalfa. It is a great choice for tough, wet, seepy soils as well as for dryland production. WL 356HQ.RR, a FD4 alfalfa, has outstanding yield and quality along with unbeatable disease tolerance, in 3-5 cut management systems. It is highly resistant to stem nematode.



Unparalleled yield potential and exceptional forage quality on even the toughest soils makes WL 354HQ a great choice for dairy, beef, and cash hay producers.  It provides the opportunity to significantly reduce the impact of root disease on seedling establishment and stand life. Suited both for flood irrigation and dryland production, WL 354HQ is adapted for difficult conditions, including poorly drained soils.



Our best conventional irrigated alfalfa, WL 363HQ has very high yield potential as well as supreme forage quality.  It has a fall dormancy rating of 4.9 and a winterhardiness rating of 1.6.  This variety has a perfect disease resistance index (30/30) with high resistance to both stem and root knot nematodes.  WL 363HQ is dark green, fine stemmed, and leafy and has rapid regrowth.



SS120 is a high producing, fine stemmed alfalfa with good stand persistence and winterhardiness. It performs well in moderate input environments, and can be used in both dryland and irrigated applications. SS120 is a Fall Dormancy 3.