Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment

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We offer four different levels of Vibrance Extreme and Cruiser® seed treatment for wheat on request.

We can also custom treat your seed at 1500 bu/hr with our USC LPX 2000 seed treater located here at Partridge, Kansas.


Vibrance Extreme  1.68oz/bu
Wire Worm rate Cruiser®  0.15 oz/bu + 1.68oz/bu Vibrance Extreme
Barley Yellow Dwarf rate Cruiser®  0.48 oz/bu + 1.68oz/bu Vibrance Extreme
Hessian Fly rate Cruiser®  0.798 oz/bu + 1.68oz/bu Vibrance Extreme



Discover in this informative video how Cruiser Maxx® Vibrance Cereals (which is Cruiser® and Vibrance Extreme) work together to enhance crop establishment and create stronger, faster growing plants!


VibranceExtreme from Syngenta is a generalist fungicidal seed treatment for extensive cereal growing and controls a broad spectrum of diseases. Vibrance Extreme is a seed treatment that protects wheat from yield-damaging diseases such as bunt, smut, seedling blight, root rot and leaf stripe.

 Vibrance Extreme contributes to a healthier crop by starting at the roots. It provides protection against devastating soilborne diseases like Rhizoctonia root rot, which can wreak havoc on crops if it’s able to take over a field. It also works against other yield-robbing diseases like true loose smut in barley to protect roots and help ensure consistent yield performance.

Vibrance Extreme delivers systemic action to seeds and young crops, which means that the active ingredient moves up the plant as it grows. Disease cycles are difficult to break once a field has been infected. Seed treatment ensures that this threat stays out of the field.

Cruiser®, a product of Syngenta, is a systemic insecticide. With an excellent seed safety margin, Cruiser® protects plants from a broad spectrum of seed, soil, and foliar chewing and sucking insects to help get crops off to a healthy, vigorous start. Studies show that seed treated with Cruiser® results in improved plant stand, vigor, and yield. Cruiser® offers a convenient way to replace planter box, in-furrow, and foliar insecticide applications for early season insects.

More than 10 years of research has led scientists to the discovery of why thiamethoxam, the active ingredient in Cruiser® seed treatment insecticide, offers growers significantly more robust and vigorous plants. Typically known for offering growers insect protection on a variety of crops around the world, thiamethoxam also is scientifically linked to increased vigor that is evidenced by faster emergence, greater plant stands, earlier canopy, increased root mass, and higher yield potential even in situations where there is no visible pest attack.