Seed Treatment

Quality Assurance

Quality you can trust...

       Since its inception in 1947, Miller Seed Farms has specialized in certified and registered seed wheat. We offer a large range of varieties adaptable throughout the Central Plains. Our quality assurance goes above and beyond the minimum requirements for certification by the Kansas Crop Improvement Association (KCIA). We are committed to providing our customers with: Quality You Can Trust.

Varietal Purity

  • Equipment is thoroughly cleaned between varieties
  • Seed is cleaned using gravity and air systems
  • Tested by KCIA + meets all KCIA standards

Family Owned Business

  • Multi-generational input
  • Dedicated to customer service
  • Committed to excellence

How it works

The first important step in raising quality seed with varietal puriety and free from noxious weeds is to purchase seed from reputable companies. Secondly, we take steps to plant only on "clean" ground that meets KCIA's requirements. Every wheat field is rogued for rye, other noxious weeds, and off-type plants.

Each certifiable field of wheat is then inspected by a representative of KCIA for varietal purity and seed history requirements. When the wheat is cleaned, we take a representative sample for KCIA to test. KCIA will test for purity, germination, test weight, and seed size. Test results are printed on each seed certification label.

We throughly clean all drills, combines, grain handling equipment, bins, legs, augers, and cleaners between each variety. This takes longer, but it ensures that there is no contamination from any other variety of seed.

We are a Category One Seed Conditioner. That means that we meet all requirements for conditioning certified seed. The wheat is first cleaned over a Clipper air screen cleaner to remove the chaff and smallest seed. It is then cleaned over an Oliver gravity table which uses gravity and air to separate the heaviest and best quality seed from the rest.

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