We provide excellent quality Kansas grown certified seed from a number of the world’s top genetic providers: AgriPro®/Syngenta, Kansas Wheat Alliance, Limagrain Cereal Seeds, Oklahoma Genetics Inc, and WestBred®.

WL Alfalfa has been active in proprietary alfalfa research since 1958 offering the most advanced varieties at very competitive prices.  We offer  WL Alfalfas® from Forage Genetics.

Protect your investment with systemic fungicide and insecticide. We offer four different levels of treatment for the protection you need as well as custom treating services.

Who we are

Miller Seed Farms is a family owned seed company located in Reno County northwest of Partridge, Kansas. We produce, condition, and sell registered and certified seed wheat. We also condition alfalfa and millet, and sell these crops, along with oats, grain sorghum, corn, soybeans, and various forage sorghums. Rye and triticale are not processed here, but are purchased in the bag for resale. Since its foundation in 1947, Miller Seed Farms has purposed to offer the finest quality seed and kind, helpful, knowledgeable service. Honesty and integrity are key components of our business policy.We are dedicated to providing our customers with Quality You Can Trust and Service on Which You Can Depend.

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